Whether you’re a business learning to navigate the facility clearance process or you’re an established and growing company looking for some additional support for your Facility Security Officer (FSO), Adamo wants to partner with you to advance and enhance your security programs and teams. By merging our security experts and services with your own, you increase elasticity in your organization and create a more effective security force.

We can teach you how
Whether through one-on-one mentorship or, training classes or coaching, we can help you learn how to be a successful FSO.

We can assist you
Even if you already have an established security program, we can augment it through not only program assessments but also helping you create or improve your insider threat, risk or ethics programs.

We can handle specialized tasks
Excellent and experienced FSOs can still use some help, especially at the point where they have a full workload but it doesn’t yet make financial sense to bring on an additional employee. That’s the perfect time for us to partner with you to offset some of your work through things such as TSCM testing or inspections, acoustic testing, risk assessments, specialized teaching, vulnerability assessments and personnel security.

We can do it all …
From top to bottom, we can handle any task that could fall under the FSO’s responsibility—you can have peace of mind that it’s being done well from the beginning. These services include:

  • Risk/vulnerability assessments
  • FCL establishment
  • Security education/training
  • Personnel security
  • Risk management framework
  • Physical security support
  • TSCM testing/inspections
  • RF & acoustic testing/consultation