Design professionals have the responsibility to understand all of a project’s construction requirements, government codes and regulations as well as the owner’s intended use of the facility. It is the design professional’s responsibility to clearly and efficiently communicate the design intent by way of design plans and specifications. Typical construction projects require that the project owner, the construction team and the governing building department understand the key information of the project. For SCIF and SAPF projects, the government Accrediting Official (AO) or their representative will also utilize the drawings and specifications to understand the project information. The AO (and/or representatives) will typically not have as much construction document experience as the other project team members, so it is important that the design package adequately communicates the project information in a clear concise way. It is critical that the SCIF designer have both strong design skills as well as substantial SCIF/SAPF experience in order to create a clear, concise design package that will ensure AO approval.

Adamo understands the importance of a quality design. It is critical that the design professional incorporates not only the applicable building codes and regulations, but also the complex security requirements in the design package. Complex government security requirements are not common in the design and construction industry; therefore, Adamo has architects on its staff. Adamo has designed more than 500 SCIF/SAPF projects, and every single project has met its accreditation requirements. With this impressive track record Adamo is able to offer a written guarantee of government accreditation on every design/build project.

Adamo guarantees accreditation for any ICD705 SCIF or SAPF facility that they design and construct.