ConsultingThe role of a consultant on a team is to bring their expertise to the table and integrate that expertise into the project as a third party to the client. While the most effective use of resources will always be to staff your design and construction teams with proper expertise, situations can arise that create challenges to having the security experts perform the actual work. Some of these situations may include remote project locations with logistic challenges (such as overseas projects) or when an existing facility needs to be modified using “in-house” facilities personnel, but they do not have enough experience to complete the work without risking the integrity of the secure facility, or the project owner may just want an expert that can represent their interest.

Adamo has been retained as the “subject matter expert” on multiple secure facility projects. Consulting services include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Budgetary Estimating
  • Third-Party Design Review
  • Security Documentation Development (Fixed Facility Checklists, TEMPEST Checklists, etc.)
  • Onsite Construction Quality Control
  • Site Security Management

All security projects are critical in nature, and failure is never an option. Adamo has been successful in fulfilling the consultant role and can bring its 50-plus years of experience to your project team.