The building contractor is a key member of the project team. Their specialized knowledge and expertise in management of timelines/schedules, contracts, budgets and tradesmen personnel can make or break a project. A good contractor provides your project team with excellent communication, effective construction management and efficient performance all within the project schedule and budget.

There are many different project types such as medical, commercial tenant improvement, SCIF/SAPF, industrial, etc., with each requiring a high degree of specialization. It is wise to make sure that the contractor you bring on to your project team has many successful past projects that are similar in nature to your project type. Utilizing a contractor who lacks the right experience will ultimately cost you more in money and time to complete a project.

Having the right contractor on your project team will ensure that your project is executed with efficiency and excellence.



Adamo has been a licensed general building contractor for more than 53 years, specializing in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), Secure Access Program Facilities (SAPF), RF-shielded enclosures, NISPOM Closed Areas, military facilities, as well as other security-related facilities. Adamo retains highly qualified design professionals, security consultants, project managers, superintendents, carpenters, and subcontractors. By constantly evolving and integrating cutting-edge techniques, technologies and practices, Adamo has developed an impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction and efficient project delivery.

It is not enough to simply be a good vendor; the contractor must bring added value. Adamo’s strong desire is to be an asset and a resource to the customers so they can successfully achieve their goals.

Adamo guarantees accreditation for any ICD705 SCIF or SAPF facility that they design and construct.