As with many family-owned-businesses, Adamo had humble beginnings. In 1962, founder James J. Adamo Jr. started Adamo Construction as a residential remodeling company in San Diego California. James founded the company on the belief that a business is a direct reflection of the men and women that lead it, and that success would be the natural outcome when you are committed to integrity, quality and service. This belief has proven to be true as the company was given more and more opportunities through the years to be a resource for construction services and products.

By the early 1980’s, James had grown the business into a thriving enterprise focusing on custom design and construction in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. With a proven record of performance as a commercial/industrial contractor, Adamo was approached to design and build secure facilities. Adamo’s culture of adaptation and innovation allowed an immediate high level of success with these facilities. The recognition for Adamo’s emerging expertise led to defense contractors and military groups all over the United States to solicit Adamo to design and build their secure facilities.

As the company grew, new personnel were continuously added, but perhaps the most key additions were that of Mike Gaetke and Christine Bailey. Mike began as a construction superintendent in the field. He worked his way through the ranks of leadership serving as project manager and eventually general manager of the company. Christine Bailey, the youngest of James’ four daughters started as the company’s book keeper before moving to the office manager position as the company continued to grow.

In the 1990’s, Mike and Christine purchased the company from James. Mike, as majority owner, became the company’s President and CEO with Christine filling the role of Vice President and Facility Security Officer (FSO). With the new ownership in place, the company narrowed its primary focus to the government secure facility niche, specifically SCIF and SAPF. As technology advanced and the defense industry expanded, Adamo was increasingly sought out as a leading expert in the design and construction of secure facilities. Due to the sheer volume of design/build projects, it became apparent that Adamo could offer the most value and service to its clients by adding in-house design capability. With this in mind, Architect James Gaetke joined the staff.


The information age led to a boom, not only in the defense industry, but in all information technology across the board. Advancements in building codes, communication, construction methods, as well as governing specification for the design and construction of secure facilities, began to change at such a rapid pace that the security world was saturated with change and challenges. Designers, contractors and security professionals struggled to keep pace with current standards and modern technologies. Adamo, however, had always had an agile company culture and personnel were consistently receiving ongoing education and training. Opportunity rose as the need for subject matter experts became clearer. As Adamo’s customer base and reputation continued to grow they were awarded a number of projects on both foreign and domestic soil that were critical to protecting the security of the United States. The company was recognized for excellence in the secure government facility industry.



As the second millennium continues to roll out, the challenges of the sequestration and economic downturn have dramatically increased the need for efficiency in procuring goods and services. Simultaneously, technology and global crisis has increased the speed of business and the rate that the security professional must respond to their client needs. Adapting to the changing conditions of the last 15 years, Adamo has evolved to be a single source for secure facility projects and possesses full capabilities to assist its client at every level of secure facility development. With the primary goal of becoming a resource for clients to accomplish their goals, the future of Adamo is bright and the mission is clear.

Adamo exists to assist its clients at every level of secure facility planning, design, construction, accreditation and operation.