SCI and SAP Facilities are not the only types of secure environments that are required to protect classified or sensitive information.

Information or discussions that are classified at the SECRET level, may only require a CLOSED area. If you have the need for Radio Frequency shielding, you may need to work inside of an RF Enclosure or screen room.

You may have sensitive or proprietary information that needs to be kept controlled, or your facility may need to have access control added depending on different levels of program access.

As a security expert, Adamo is positioned to be a resource in all of these types of projects.

orbital in the Telecommunication room

NISPOM Closed Area

These types of facilities fall under the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). The construction requirements can vary, depending on the intended use of the facility. Acoustic measures may be required in physical security requirements. There may be high-security hardware and other access control measures installed. These types of facilities typically require less work than SCIF or SAPF to construct, but there are variables involved that can impact cost and feasibility. It is always best to have an expert evaluate the site and project prior to developing conceptual budgets and timelines.

Secure Data Center

Protecting electronic data and data processing is critical, whether or not that data is classified. Even within normal day-to-day functions, sensitive information can come from many sources within any organization. Data centers not only require high levels of IT security but also controlled access to the physical equipment itself. One inherent vulnerability to these types of facilities is their dependence on power and environmental controls. The equipment that provides power and cooling becomes “mission critical” as it sustains the ability for the data center to perform. Mission-critical systems will have an elevated need for monitoring and control. These systems should also be protected with security measures that are in line with the security level of the data center that is supported by the mission-critical systems. Enlisting the services of a professional that understands security, power management systems and electrical systems, will ensure that your data center is a complete secure facility.

Sensitive/Restricted Area

In today’s world, there is the need for security even without the presence of classified information. Corporate proprietary information, trade secrets and information can be targeted. Adding security measures as simple as doorways and locking hardware—or more complex items such as electronic access control systems and intrusion detection systems—are different ways to limit and control access to sensitive information. Adding security measures to improve the control of restricted or sensitive information will typically involve several types of trades and professionals. A key to successfully implementing these types of measures efficiently and without wasted costs is to consult with a security professional that understand all of the elements of your project.

Shielded Enclosure

There can be a number of factors that drive the need for Radio Frequency (RF) shielded or Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) shielded enclosures. Security concerns about TEMPEST emanations, the need for isolated test environments, or EMP shielding on mission-critical systems and equipment can be requirements that drive the need for these facilities. Along with a high level of technical design, these facilities often will require specialized testing to ensure that they perform properly prior to installing/operating programs within the facilities perimeter. Shielded facilities should always be designed and installed by qualified experienced professionals.