leasingAdamo offers a lease option for several modular applications. Leasing an enclosure rather than contracting for conventional construction offers significant benefits. Lease costs can be expensed annually in most states as opposed to construction expenses, which are placed on a depreciation schedule and written off over a period of several years. Another great advantage is in regards to corporate cash flow: Leasing allows for the project costs to be spread out over the term of the lease (ranging from 1 to 5 years) vs. conventional construction cost billings, which typically begin when design services start and are all due within 30 days of construction completion.

Typical lease packages are structured with a lump sum for the installation and setup costs of the enclosure due upon complete installation and then a monthly lease payment for the enclosure. The monthly payment amount is driven largely by the size of the enclosure, the amount of customization needed for the customer and the length of the term. Lease terms are flexible and range from 1-5 years.

If you or your company is looking to lease SCIF space that is flexible, can be scaled to meet almost any program need and does not require traditional construction funding to be used, please contact the Adamo team, and someone will be happy to discuss your project goals and how this program can be an asset to your organization.